Our Happy Customers

Kohl – Kohl

– Kim McCann - 2

– Remo

– Peyton

– Tula

– Stella

– Max Palen - 1

– Miss Elisabeth Bosch - Lovely

– JuneBug

– Jennifer Gordon - Tula's Mum

– Kim McCann - 1

– Dexter

– Tracie Fitzpatrick

I love mine!

– Kimberly A Fields

Already got it!!! And it is AWESOME! 🐾❤️

– Kim Young

Louie loves his new pillow!

– Mary Luschas Hamer

Super excited to get these rings today! – Katie Cascone

– Sharon Lively Hoffman

I paid 9,99, I live in California took about week and half – Maribel Guzman

I love mine!! – Raeann Miller

I got all 3 colors today in the mail! It didn't take long, less than 2 weeks from China. Shipping was about $20 but heck, it's a pug ring – Sharon Lively Hoffman

Got my pug rings today! – Catherine Sharkey Steinberg

Best $9.95 ever spent!!!! – Terri Rushing

I love mine! – Bre Rachéle Ridenour

I got mine! Love it! – Arial Lee

My ring – Patti Porter

Love mine! – Dawn Fillinger Wilson

Love it – Samantha Gallick

Just received mine and I love it – Rhonda Hernandez

it's the best ring ever!! – Julia Darrow

I love my ring! Thanks – Gabriela Davila

I love mine! My best friend got it for me! – Christina Nina Rae Brown

I have mine and I love it ! I wear it every day. ☺ – Ana Gabriela Guzman Velez

I got mine! Love it! – Loraine Burris 

I already have mine!! – Muñequilla Rodriguez

GOT MINE I LOVE IT!! #LoveDemPits #OneLove – Armelle Yvette Webb

Got mine – Lena Addiego

Got mine – Angela Passo Adams

Received my Labrador rings yesterday. I wear them together in honor of my Ozzy and Zakk I recently lost – Julie Pulson

Absolutely LOVE my ring! – Whitlee Hearn

We just got these in the mail today & we absolutely love them! They are much better quality than we thought they would be – Ariel Amirinoor

Those ears! – Nicole Powers

I was skeptical, but I ordered (definitely pay using PayPal though, it's much safer!) ... the ring is super cute!! – Alex DeFoucault 

I entered my review, just wanted to attach some pics as well. One of me and my new favorite ring and one of me and the reason why I love gsd products!! – Yanzi Mendez

Finally came! – Jenn Steven Schaaff

Absolutely love mine! – Kristin Forcier

Just got mine in today. My pup duchess isn't to excited as I am – Kayla Marie Ringhoffer

Loooove mine !! – Teresa Renee Tejeda

got all 3 – Gladys Kline

I ordered one and got it in the mail yesterday! Love it – Tina 'Thompson' Foster