Electric Rechargeable Two Speed Dog Nail Trimmer Grinder Clipper Low Noise Painless Trimming and Smoothing for Pets of All Sizes

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If your pet hates nail clippers and is scared of getting its nails trimmed, then this is the ultimate solution you have been looking for. 

Your pets will surely love this brand new way of getting their nails trimmed and smoothened.

Introducing the Electric Pet Nail Trimmer and Grinder - a must-have accessory for pet owners. 

Now, trim and smoothen your pet's jagged and sharp nails with this quick and easy-to-use rechargeable pet nail trimmer.  No more accidental scratches by your pet's sharp and untrimmed nails. 

The trimmer is easy to use, doesn't make your pets anxious, and is guaranteed to satisfy your needs.

Plus, there's always the bonus of avoiding trips to the groomer or vet.  Save up on money and spend more time bonding with your pet by trimming your pet's nails in the comfort of your home.   

Product Features

✅ Ergonomic Design: Compact and sleek, durable construction.

✅ Powerful and Easy to Use:  Powerful two-speed motor with ultra-quiet operation and low vibration.  It doesn't scare your pets or makes them anxious. 

✅ Suitable for Pets of All Sizes:  Multi-sized protective caps and ports makes this ideal for pets of all sizes

✅ Gentle and Safe Operation:  The trimmer helps gently trim away and smoothen the sharp or jagged layers of your pet's nails. Worry no more about over-cutting, pain due to over trimming, or bleeding. The diamond bit grinder rotates at just the right speed, and a special coating helps reduce friction burns.

✅ USB Rechargeable:  Worry no more about replacing batteries as the unit is USB rechargeable. A single charge lasts up to 5 hours of use. Charge it from a power bank, PC or laptop, wall charger, or car charger.

✅ Go Anywhere:  Portable and compact, the trimmer is easy to carry anywhere you go.

✅ Zero Maintenance:  The trimmer requires minimal maintenance and upkeep. Use a wet cloth or towel to clean the grinder and the unit.


👉 Trims and smoothen your pet's nails without fuss or drama.

👉 Trims and smoothens sharp nails within minutes.

👉 Once your pets get used to the trimmer, it doesn't make your pets anxious during trimming sessions.

👉 Achieve the desired smoothening and trimming without having to worry about cutting the nails too short when your pets wiggle around during trim sessions.

Package Contents

✔️1 pc electric trimmer

✔️1 USB charging cable

Usage Instructions  

Step 1:   Acquaint your pet with the trimmer both in the on and off condition. Let them sniff the device and familiarize themselves. Repeat this a couple of times until they become comfortable. Giving them treats while doing so should also help.

Step 2: Once your pets are comfortable with the device, even when powered on, gently begin the trimming process. The gentle and low-noise motor should make the whole process quick and easy.  

VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure you hold the trimmer head at the correct angle to ensure you avoid the nail bloodline.

Step 3: Once all the trimming is complete, gently clean the trimmer's wheel with a cloth to remove any excess nail powder

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