Personalized Limited-Edition Custom Drawn Digital Pet Portrait Artwork

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Here's a great way to transform your pet's photo into something special and unique. Create amazing digital hand drawn renditions from the photo of your pet.
We have partnered with artist Lindsay Pace, an expert in creating custom portraits, to produce these stunning pieces of art. A keepsake worth cherishing and showing off for a long, long time.

About the Product

1. The portrait is painted digitally on 68lb ultra pro satin paper.

2. Canvas size - 11 x 14 inch.

3. Only your pet's photo is reproduced on to the portrait, the background will be the template of your choice.

☆ Shipping

Since the products are hand made/made to order, on an average it takes approximately 7 to 10 days to create.  The product is shipped in a plastic sleeve with cardboard backing and is enclosed in a heavy brown shipping envelope for added safely. The item ships from the US.

Only the subject, i.e., your pet's photo would be reproduced onto the portrait. The background color would be suitably used based on the photo of your pet. Other illustrations like flowers or names would depend on the template you choose. You also need to provide a photo of your pet that is not blurry and details clearly visible. The pet's photo is exactly the way we see it.
Since this is a made to order product, the total time to complete the item is 7 to 10 days based on number of orders.

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