About Us

You love your furry friend to pieces. You go to great lengths to show how much you love and care for your dog.   People call you that crazy dog person! Crazy enough to the point that you don’t care what others think.

And no, it’s not just your dog(s) that you are crazy about.    You passionately believe in rescues and care.  You love doing whatever you can to make sure the lesser privileged furry friends get a chance at life.   Yes, dogs make you happy!

If the above describes you perfectly, you have come to the right place.  Just like you, we are super crazy about dogs too!

What Do We Do?

We create custom designed merchandise for dog lovers. Stuff you could use to flaunt your love for your fur babies. Things that are unique and great conversation starters. Things that are apt for pet themed events. Something that is cool enough for people to say - hmm - looks like an ardent dog lover.

We create some of the most beautiful, unique and interestingly designed merchandise for dog lovers of all breeds. Our range of products includes pet themed jewelry, clothing, pillow cases, flags, mugs and much more.

Our Story – Who Are We?

Mostly Paws was created 2 years ago by a group of friends who are crazy about dogs. In a little over 2 years of operations, we have shipped over 40k orders with thousands of happy customers. We have a very active Facebook page of over 100k fans and followers.

How Are We Making a Difference?

While creating dog-themed merchandise has always been fun, we wanted to do something more for our furry little friends. Something that would allow us to help them in need. And also provide YOU a unique way to help animals in need.

August 2017 is(was) an important month for us as this is the month we decided to change course and do our bit for animals in need. Especially for dogs and other animals that badly needed assistance!   And this is why we decided to work with Animal Aid Unlimited.   Animal Aid Unlimited is a 501(c)3 tax exempt charitable organization in the U.S., EIN 71-0884843 based out of Seattle, WA.

We learned from Animal Aid that throughout India there is a shockingly low number of rescue services and shelters for street and abandoned animals.

Animal Aid is a vital rescue center, hospital, and sanctuary for injured, ill and abandoned street animals in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India. They have rescued thousands of hurt, sick and abandoned animals and provide support and sanctuary for those who need life-long care. Check out the video below to see what they do.


If you need a firsthand account of what they do to rescue dogs and other animals, check out their website. You will be both shocked as well as amazed. Hats off to Animal aid! But despite all their efforts, there is still an unimaginable number of dogs, cats and other animals that desperately need help. And this is where YOU and Mostly Paws pitch in.

Effective August 2017, a part of our monthly sales proceeds for approved products will be donated to Animal Aid Unlimited. Click here to know more about our charity program.

How Can You Help?
Like we said, every purchase you make on our store would help support an animal in need. You can go to our collections page and check out all of the awesome products we have on offer.

We also share cool stories about pets on our blog

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